Journey’s End?

First rehearsals this week for an MCS middle-school production of ‘Journey’s End’ with a strong cast of boys and the ever-exuberant Peter Fanning as co-director. We’re including a few ensemble moments for scene transitions etc., so I had the cast belting out ‘It’s a long way to Tipperary’ and ‘Pack up your troubles…’ – only to realise that I’d completely forgotten how the third line of the tune to each chorus went. We moved swiftly on to ‘Keep the home fires burning’, which is thankfully ingrained in my psyche from ‘Ivor and I’ days! Here are a couple of fun pictures from the last couple of middle-school shows Peter and I have directed together:

Tom Brown being roasted by his school-chums:


and Henry V leading his band of brothers into the breach…




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