Creative Space

Social distancing enters its fourth week by my reckoning. We had a very festive Easter, in the circumstances, with some delicious lamb and some long-forgotten wine which suitably hit the spot after a fairly dry Lent.

Having finished the text of ‘The Black Violin’, Clare and I recorded it as a podcast; have a listen, and excuse the odd blip here and there which resulted from a late night single take, as we took advantage of the children being asleep!

I also discovered the joys of acrylic paints, and spent a very happy afternoon making a daub (below) which roughly depicts a scene from the story and conjured up happy memories from when Clare and I walked the via Francigena in Tuscany.

The radio play I’m working on with a group of pupils is gathering pace and we’re entering the writing phase now, having amassed some interesting research. We’re testing out different ways of recording remotely, too, which is by turns frustrating and exciting! Similarly Manouche Etcetera’s efforts to jam online!



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